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Your Source for Courtyard Gates in St. George, UT

Steel Creations offers residential courtyard gate designs in St. George, UT. Gates offer added security for your family, pets, and possessions. Order yours today!

Courtyard gates are a subtle but impactful addition to your property. They elevate your home’s curbside appeal and make a great complement to your fencing and archways. On top of that, they are a smart and cost-effective security solution that may deter potential trespassers. All in all, a courtyard gate in St. George, UT, is a smart investment that will elevate the appearance, appeal, and value of your home.


Whether you need to replace your current gate, want something new, or require a repair to your current installation, we’re here for you. We are skilled and experienced metalworkers who facilitate a variety of gate solutions. Come to us for:

Gate Design and Fabrication

Gates are just as much works of art as they are security devices. Let’s create the ideal piece for your property. Our adaptive and skilled fabrication team can turn concepts and sketches into beautiful gates.

Gate Repair

The unexpected is the only true constant in daily life. We understand that your gate may get damaged or tarnished in some way. We’re here to make things better. Our team conducts gate repair services, which may include welding and restoration work.

Make your investment last. On top of our custom gate design and repair services, we can provide additional services that elevate the appearance and durability of your investment. From pet-proofing attachments to new accessories, your options are virtually limitless. We can even craft custom pieces that fit seamlessly with the established aesthetic of your home.


Tell us your ideas of the perfect gate, and we will fabricate them for you. Contact us and request an estimate for our custom courtyard gate services. We proudly serve homeowners throughout St. George, UT.



Our most economical choice.

(straight or arched)

* Add-Ons are available

for an additional charge.



Have a design in mind?

Or do you have a picture,

or simply a sketch on paper?

You Dream It - We'll Create It


Show off your unique style

and create curb appeal 

with a custom courtyard gate that matches or compliments the design on your front door.

* Available ADD-ONS:

  •     Pet Proofing
  •     Solid or Perforated Backing
  •     Plasma Cut-Out Designs
  •     Side Panels
  •     Powder Coated or Patina
  •     Design Accessories: spires,              finials, baskets, knuckles

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