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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Choose Custom Built Furniture in St. George, UT, for a Dynamic Look   

Elevate any room from ordinary to extraordinary with custom built furniture in St. George, UT. Pieces that are crafted by our expert team stand out thanks to our highly elevated attention to detail combined with artistic flair. These fully functional, well-crafted pieces are built to last, meaning you’re able to enjoy them for many years to come. 

 Like all our custom creations, our furniture is a source of pride for our company. At Steel Creations, our team works with you to learn about your tastes and what you like in terms of furniture, and then we bring that piece, or pieces, to life for you. We realize there’s always a level of anticipation and excitement which comes with placing an order for a custom creation, so we strive to have your project completed in a timely fashion to reduce your wait time to a minimum.  

We Do More Than The Items Below 

You Dream It, We Will Create It!

• Outdoor Metal Decor

• Furniture

• Window Well Covers

• Truck Racks

The quality of our iron welding and custom construction is beyond compare. So, no matter what type of work you have lined up for us, we are committed to completing it with quality and precision. 

Style # DF-700

Style # DF-701

Style # DF-702

Style # WW-1100

Style # F-800

Style # F-801

Style # DF-703

Style # WW-1101

Truck Racks